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If you sell online and accept credit cards then you will have to meet the PCI compliance deadlines. As an internet merchant account holder you will have to refer to your merchant bank for their specific validation requirements and deadlines. The merchant bank is entitled to update you with the deadline enforcements.

Live chat feature at Techwave is when your customers need it the most. Grow your business; get your customers help and suggestions with our live chat option with an easy set up procedure which can be done in few minutes. Live support is available 24X7 and it is highly customizable. With the help of live help online, you can see your website traffic and the information of the visitors and navigation path. Even you can track your visitors through the search engine traffic and your key word strategies employed.

Live chat is the most appropriate method to deal with problems while your customers are in the check out page stuck up somewhere. Help them to increase online revenues with higher conversion rate and can take larger order size, get instant sales as it shortens the sale circle with the customer and secure order is taken at the time of the chat only and build confidence with your customer through the live chat. You bring a confidence with the customer showing that you are just a click away from the customer and helps in closing the deal too. At Techwave e-commerce, it is our assurance that you will get best live support and troubleshooting experience with your customers and clients.

Download the software and acquire the technology that makes you achieve success and satisfaction for customers dealing with you.