Techwave Ecommerce
Client Reviews

"Techwave e-commerce provides that competitive edge that makes me stay on the top in the competitive web world. Not just providing a total comprehensive advanced shopping cart with an easy checkout procedure Techwave takes care of the search engine optimization of my site. I can now see my site at the best search engines with the topmost ranking hence making it more recognizable. I have a huge traffic flowing in and my business is touching the heights of success.  I am glad that I am part of Techwave E-commerce. “

-Anudeep Kaur Singh

“I am an author and real estate investor and for me looking into every intricacy is just impossible. I was therefore more in need of a website that makes e-business easy for me. With the built-in e-mail marketing and newsletter marketing feature I can send my book reviews to readers and get assured clicks to my website. I now have a fast checkout process and my customers are just happy to pay. What more? I don’t have any apprehensions if I get stuck up somewhere because I am rest assured that Techwave e-commerce sales team is there to help me out.”

-Dr. Harsimran Singh

“By realizing the challenges of owning and managing a business in this very competitive business environment, I was in a dilemma as to what is the most flexible e-commerce solution available with regard to the shopping cart I have for my site. After a successful upgrade to the Gold Plan I don’t have to look into the orders manually. Everything is automatic and accurate. I now have a flexible storefront design, e-commerce inventory contro, order management, customer relationship management and Web analytics.”

-Mohammed Ismail Khan, Ph.D.